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Build a Beat, Start a Movement

Having the knowledge and practical skills for creating meaningful music is not enough to break into an industry that's been saturated with artists and musicians.

To stand out from the competition you must build a following, create your own unique brand, and inspire others to share your passions. So how can you do that? There are many answers but for this blog, let’s keep our ears on mixing and mastering.

First of all, What is Mixing and Mastering?

According to Huber and Runstein (2001), it’s combining multitrack recordings into one final track. You have your rhythm, arrangement, lyrics, and to make that feel like a song, you mix.

Mastering, on the other hand, is the very last step you HAVE to do. It’s the quality control, making sure it sounds high-quality on speakers.

If you’re working on an EP, or an album, this is something that should be of the essence. Make sure when one song proceeds to the next, you have a flawless or fit transition. You can get the right mixing and mastering from experienced engineers with the attention to detail you need, or you can mix it yourself using high-quality equipment.

So why are these two things so important? If you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of listeners, make sure it counts. And if someone hears a poorly mixed track, chances are, it’s going to get skipped.

It’s always best to take these steps to ensure your music can deliver through any speaker, platform, device, or media format it may be played to.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes an entire community to make music. That’s why we run our studio like one. We provide the tools for you to create and for us to grow together.

And If you’re looking for an open, supportive atmosphere to explore your creativity, start a movement, and create meaningful art, come check Tigerblood Studio out with their experienced engineers. Here you can also get mixing, mastering, and recording coaching in Aspen Valley Drive Onalaska, WI.As

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